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Foyles Access Control And Intruder Alarm

Foyles secures a new flagship retail store with Lantec providing a discreet Keyless Access Control System.

Project Requirements

Foyles approached the Lantec team looking for a keyless security solution that would grow with the store, provide greater flexibility securing stock.

The Solution

Foyles approached Lantec Ltd, a CCTV, access control and intruder alarm specialists, based in Reading. Steve Lane the Managing Director at Lantec was responsible for the installation.

Steve says:

“Foyles wanted an open platform that they could use to manage and monitor staff, secure stock rooms and complement their fire evacuation drill, so Net2 from Paxton suited them perfectly.”

Net2 is a user-friendly and flexible networked access control system, designed to make the management of any building straightforward. Easy to use and with a range of features, it moves beyond the basics of controlling the flow of people around a building, offering benefits such as building control and system integration. The Net2 system is easily scalable making it perfectly suited to a growing business like Foyles in a new retail unit that will potentially require further expansion.  Net2 can also be integrated with Net2 Entry, Paxton’s award-winning, simple door entry solution. Steve installed Net2 Entry on the entrance to the Directors’ and Managers’ offices with three handset monitors in strategic locations to allow access.

The Results

A key requirement while renovating the building was that its new modern interior was carefully designed to remain sympathetic.

Jannette Cross, Store General Manager says,

“The Paxton readers have fitted in perfectly, they are modernand attractive but discreet.”

The store is currently running on the latest version of the Net2 software, with features such as temporary access
permissions for staff visiting from other sites.

Foyles in partnership with Lantec have plans to expand the system by adding the shoplifts to Net2, to control access to certain floors. Janette says, ‘We want to be able to use the auditorium when the shop is closed for other events. This would mean that the lift wouldn’t stop on certain floors. We are still discovering the possibilities of Net2, there have been so many benefits. I know exactly who has what access and generally, I feel safer”.

The Benefits

The new system is so intuitive it only took a short amount of time to train Foyles staff. Leaving them feeling safer, more secure and confident in the workplace.

Janette says,

“It took Lantec just 30 minutes to teach us how to use Net2 and administer tokens with basic access permissions, after which we felt confident doing it ourselves. We have a lot of staff with varying levels of access permissions; I found it really simple, as the system is so intuitive.”

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